About Us

A small introduction about the two artists behind Empty Moon and the artwork that inspires them and their favorite media and what sort of art they like to do!

person with pink hair and under cutBekkiDoodles

An artist inspired by the works of Brian Lee O’Malley, Junji Ito, and Frances Bacon. They are more inclined to the digital drawing format, with Clip Studio Paint being one of their main digital mediums of choice.

Recently they have added more 3D arts to their portfolio, expanding into the plush, sculpture, and jewelry realms. Recently rejoining the artist alley realm, they are also often found streaming their artwork and video games on Twitch – and working to create a wonderful community of artists, writers, and general creators.

Currently a parent to 7 sugar gliders.

image of person with short pink hair with drawing toolsKarmada Arts

A manga-styled artist who has been been inspired by and drawing in this manner since around 1995 (officially? possibly earlier but really who’s actually counting. Please don’t, let’s just say it’s been a while).

Having a wide variety of self-taught and professional art training , this gives their artwork a style all its own. While starting in the realm of traditional artwork (with pencils, ink and copic markers being the medium of choice), they have discovered Clip Studio Paint and its ability to assist in drawing comics and mimicking the traditional materials they so love, but without the tendinitis!

Alongside artwork, they also enjoy learning about art as well as teaching others, and when not at the booth, are often found either at informative seminars or presenting them.

Currently a parent of one Rat Terrier, Mortimer.